CLARIFYING CONSULTATIONS Helsinki, Kamppi or  Skype / Facetime / Whatsapp


Single appointment: 50 min / 100 €

Self reflection package: 5 x 50 min / 450 €

Packages must be used within three months of the first appointment. Package appointments are personal and cannot be transferred to another person.


Do any of the following resonate?

• You’re lacking clarity, direction or have repetitive patterns
• You cannot put your inner desires or feelings into words
• You wish to be seen and heard
• Something’s wrong but you don’t quite know what it is!
• You’re an entrepreneur, therapist or work on the field of creativity or well being and need support, mentoring and help clarifying your vision
• You’re ready to stop blaming your circumstances and take responsibility of your life
• You wish the grow in compassion or wish to get insight into your spiritual path or experiences
• You’ve already done a lot of inner work and wish to live a more honest life
• You need extra support for your life situation or counselling process

I’ll meet you in a safe, confidential, supportive and non-judgemental space, using my intuition and counselling skills to help verbalise your inner world.

Tailored packages are also available. Please enquire.


”Mili and I do the same job and we do that job for each other. I'm so grateful to her for her incredible insights, grace and clarity. You're always your own biggest blind spot, you need someone gifted to see the things you just can't see for yourself.
Mili is excellent at those 'light bulb' realizations that can cause large shifts in your life. If you’re ready to remove old patterns and shift yourself forward book yourself an appointment.” Becky Walsh, UK

”I’ve known Mili for over a decade. In that time she has shown me my path again and again, which has been clearly in front of me, but which I could not see because my eyes were squinting and seeing only those parts it could manage to focus on. Mili shows me the whole picture, the whole landscape of my life. She does this in a way that I can take in, that is, she does this with compassion, kindness and love. It takes a great deal of inner work to deliver feedback as an act of grace, an act of fully recognizing—really seeing—the person before you, bathed in all their humanity and to unconditionally accept them for it, to love them for it. Mili’s consultations are an act of grace which emerge from a deep love for humans.

I last worked with Mili in August, 2018. At that time she only had to look at me for a few minutes to see my suffering and understand that I was yet again bound into an old pattern of survival. And yet she said one of the most courageous things I have ever heard someone who cares for me say: “You need to stay exactly where you are, in this pattern, just long enough to feel the pain deeply enough to teach you for one final time that you no longer need this pattern.” Mili knows intuitively how I work, that if I could stay in this situation just long enough, I would learn that I would never need rely on this old pattern. She was right, again. This is not the same consultation she would give another person. I know this because I know when Mili looks at me, she sees me as a unique combination of elements, on a path unique to me. Mili partners with me where I want to go. The uniqueness of our partnership confirms in me that I am seen and loved and worthy.” Mariana, St. Paul, MN, USA