I’m Mili Kaikkonen, intuitive counsellor and mentor with over 15 years of experience. I also work with written and spoken word.

I value genuine human connection above all. I verbalise things you cannot put your finger on, provide lyrics for you inner world and help you to gain clarity so you may just rest in your humanity and be truly seen and heard.
Emotional safety and confidentiality are cornerstones of my practice, and I combine intuition, therapeutic tools and constructive communication in my work while always respecting your life situation and belief system.
Please note my services are not a substitute for psychotherapy and don’t include predictions or mediumship.

I’m a Holistic Counsellor Diploma holder and ventured into the esoteric world for three years at London’s prestigious College of Psychic Studies. I live my life with one foot in the visible world and the other in the world of the unseen, and safeguard the quality of my work with regular supervision.

I love variety, and also work on the field of culture and literature as a translator, audio book narrator, publishing editor and podcast host. I write, speak, interview and read. You may also remember me as the host of Radio Helsinki’s Vaiheessa programme.

I’ve lived and worked in South-East Asia and the UK for 13 years and have held management positions in international charities such as British Council, the NSPCC and Friends of the Earth. I currently live by the Baltic Sea in Helsinki with my son.
Embracing humanity and growing in compassion are the most important spiritual practices of my life. I’m an eternally curious adventurer, who gains strenght not only from life itself but also from ancient traditions, nature and loved ones.