I’m a listening and connecting professional.
I offer brief therapeutic counselling services tailored to each client's needs. Emotional safety and trust are cornerstones of my work, and compassion and clarity are guiding lights of my practice. 

In 2009 I gained a counselling diploma in the UK. Currently I'm undertaking crisis counselling studies in Finland, aiming to graduate as a debriefing professional in the spring of 2022.

My areas of expertise include working with adult children of alcoholics, those recovering fron narcissistic relationships or people who have been wounded in religious or spiritual groups, but all issues and questions of human life are welcome.
My core skill is the ability to verbalise and clarify issues that may be hard for the client to describe.

In my private life I'm a mother, heavy consumer of literature, winter lover and silence listener. Long-lasting, meaningful friendships are my greatest treasures.